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Best Fitness Gifts for Men

best fitness gifts for menThis holiday season, skip the boring sweater or tie for your guy. If you’re seeking a gift for an active, fitness-minded male – whether it’s your spouse, significant other, dad or brother – we’ve got some great ideas at various price points for your last-minute shopping.

Now, keep in mind that most of the gifts we recently suggested for women (earbuds, water bottles, boxing gloves) also are fabulous choices for guys as well – except the yoga pants. All these practical items are meant to be used and enjoyed repeatedly. Here are just a few of the best fitness gifts for men that we’ve uncovered this year. Happy shopping!

Best Fitness Gifts for Men

  1. Foam roller – Boring? Not at all! These handy cylinders can make a big difference in alleviating tension, muscle tightness and knots and soreness – even if it’s in a “hurts-so-good” way. There’s lots of options now from basic rollers to the compact Triggerpoint GRID Vibe Plus, which has a grid-like design for extra pressure in all the right places, and also can vibrate at 33 Hz to add major relief.
  2. Apple® Watch – So, we drank the Kool-Aid and are raving fans of the new Apple Watch Series 4, which boasts GPS technology, water resistance up to 50 meters, more–and different–fitness tracking functions (yoga and hiking), cadence and pace alerts for runners, and much more. Plus, it has several new heart health features, which any man should appreciate.
  3. BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells – Most home exercisers have limited space, so these adjustable dumbbells are ideal, instantly changing from 5-90 pounds each, depending on the model. Replace a room full of dumbbells, and take advantage of a free training app that shows individual exercises, full workouts or 6-week training plans. In fact, the 560 model has a built-in 3DT (Three-Dimensional Trainer) that tracks sets, reps, weight, count and speed. It’s like having a full weight room–and a trainer–at home.
  4. Weighted vest – Boost his training intensity with a weighted vest from Hyperwear, which add challenge to exercise while feeling comfortable, looking hip and being equipped with open side panels for ventilation and reflective side lacing for safety and a custom fit. You can add weight to the vest periodically as you progress so you never plateau!
  5. TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer Kit – Set up a bodyweight gym anywhere – at home, on the road or even outside, and these simple straps, anchors and handles enable your man to build muscle and improve strength with loads of exercises. The kit comes with a handy workout guide to get started, and a mesh travel bag for convenience.
  6. Zero Runner – If your man is a runner, or a wannabe runner, it doesn’t get any better than this way cool machine that lets anyone run, minus all the punishing impact. You are suspended on the machine’s legs, which include hip and knee joints that enable users to replicate a natural stride and cadence. Stride tracing helps ensure consistency and good form throughout workouts, and CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio and strength so you get in some valuable muscle work. Plus, the free Octane Fitness app provides customized training regimens for 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons and marathons. Never miss a run due to bad weather again!
  7. Muscle rub cream – Here’s something most guys won’t buy for themselves, but definitely will appreciate. Help him feel better with something that’s a step up from Bengay, like Jasön’s Cooling Minerals & Tea Tree Muscle Pain Therapy. This moisturizing medicated cream is a blend of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory tea tree oil to relieve minor arthritis, backache, and muscle and joint pain.

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