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My Zero Runner Story: Mike

My Zero Runner StoryWith the Zero Runner, your training goals are made possible without the constant impact on your body. See how Mike Van Hoozer set his pace to achieve his goals and qualify for the race of all races… the Boston Marathon.

My Zero Runner Story: The Octane Fitness Zero Runner is my new secret weapon to complement and supplement my marathon training. I use the Zero Runner to replace runs when I cannot run outside due to my schedule or the weather as well as to supplement my weekly mileage and perform combo cross circuit strength and cardio workouts.

The Zero Runner helped me have my best running season to date as I achieved 4 PRs and accomplished my major goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon – Zero negative impact on my body and 100% impact on my performance!

Thanks for sharing Mike! See why the Zero Runner is a must have for your workout regimen. Stay Fueled.

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