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My Zero Runner Story: Teddy Hook

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When Teddy received a nasty blister on his heel, he thought running was going to have to wait until the blister healed. Then he discovered the Zero Runner.



My Zero Runner Story

Teddy Hook, a member of the Marathon Coalition who was first introduced to the Zero Runner at the Boston Marathon, recently shared his Zero Runner experience with us:

I am coached by Rick Muhr and train with the Marathon Coalition. Please see attached pictures. I was rocking a nasty heel blister for about a week and could not run with shoes. Coach Rick just happened to arrange for the Zero Runner at our weekly training. I ran 18 miles on it wearing a pair of Crocs in the basement of a church, our meeting place every Saturday during training season. Wanted to share the story.

 – Best, Teddy Hook

After hearing Teddy’s story, we reached out to him for some more information.  It turns out that Teddy had received the nasty blister after spending an evening in a pair of ill-fitting dress shoes. But why run in Crocs?  Because his blister was so bad he had to wear a shoe with an open back so it didn’t interfere with the blister!

Thanks for sharing Teddy! Stay Fueled.

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