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My Zero Runner Story: Carrie Tollefson

carrie tollefson


Carrie Tollefson is an American middle-distance runner who participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics. In 2004, Track and Field News ranked her #1 nationally. Carrie Tollefson is also a two-time National Champion. Now, a mother of three, Carrie Tollefson uses the Zero Runner to stay in peak running form.



As an avid Zero Runner user, and brand ambassador, Carrie Tollefson has been running on the Zero Runner longer than most other users.  When asked about her experience training on the ZR7, Carrie said:

“The Zero Runner is my “go to” machine to help me stay healthy and injury-free. Beginners to mid-distance to elite and Olympic runners can benefi t from it by managing impact and reducing the risk of injury. The Zero Runner is authentic running and smarter training. You don’t have to be an Olympian to train like one.”

Carrie Tollefson, Olympian & Two-Time National Champion

Get an introduction to the Zero Runner in Carrie’s “How to use the Zero Runner” video!

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