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It seems they just added a row of your elliptical machines to the Lifetime Fitness in Arlington Heights I go to on a daily basis. I was eager to rave about how much I loved using your machines for the first time this weekend. I’ve never used another elliptical that was so soft on my feet and knees—I wasn’t even sure if I could call this an elliptical because it was so unlike anything else I’ve ever used! I was amazed at how comfortable I felt during my cardio routine that it improved my speed and duration. Details like the level adjustment button on the thumb position of the hand rail and a tracking screen to visually see how many laps I’ve completed made working out a no brainer (which is great because I hate thinking about my workouts). My friend, who was working out next to me, thought the same and actually reached over to yank out my headphones to tell me there was a three level fan attached to the machine as well! Needless to say, you now have two new brand advocates for Octane and I will definitely be spreading the word about your product.