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I travel extensively and have “had the opportunity” to train on lots of different cardio equipment. After trying so many options, I was all set to buy a Life Fitness elliptical. I went to Fitness Resource and tried it out with my wife and I saw this weird looking elliptical next to it and kind of blew it off. My wife jumped on it (turns out it was an Octane) and said that it was much better. My mind was made up and I wanted the Life Fitness. We went home to talk about it and my wife was set on the Octane. I caved and now I am so happy I did. The first 2-3 workouts were really different but by the 4th one I was hooked. A week later I headed out for the usual grind on the road and I had to use a Precor one day and a Life Fitness the next. I could not believe the difference. I recently had to use a True system and could not even complete the workout. The stride on the Octane elliptical is so natural and the workouts are so much more consistent. I LOVE IT! Thanks!