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After a summer on no use, we got on our Octane Eliptical recently and there was no power. I went to the retailer and we deceided to start simple. Bring in the power cord and see if it worked. Well, It didn’t. With the product still under warranty they directed me to the Octane web site. On Oct. 6 I ordered a cord. Sounds simple, and to my surprise it was. Whereas most manufacturers make you jump through hoops to get any satisfaction, all Octane asked for was the serial number and information about me (name, address, etc.)

Wednesday Oct. 8 the cord arrived. TWO DAYS !! And it works. Now this may sound pretty simple and basic and it is. But it is not common. Most instances of contacting any manufacturer to access warranty action is time consuming, frustrating, and usually ends with a bad taste. Not with Octane.

The quality of our Octane Eliptical is superb. I don’t anticipate having to use the warranty for anything major, but if I do I’m convinced any problem will be handled quickly and to our satisfaction.

Octane Eliptical. Quality product. Quality service. Quality people.




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