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We wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy we are with the Octane Fitness elliptical. We have the Q37e, and it is simply the BEST elliptical trainer that we have ever tried! We travel all over the world, so we have exercised in hundreds of health clubs, and therefore we have tried dozens of brands of elliptical trainers. We can say without question that the Octane Fitness elliptical is the most effective workout we have ever had on this type of machine. The action is smooth, without any unnecessary bouncing. We love the XMode which functions like having a personal trainer right by our sides when we work out. The XMode gives a little variety to the workout, so that the training session does not become monotonous. We absolutely love the Octane Fitness Q37e and would be happy to recommend it to any discerning fitness enthusiast. Those of us who have made fitness a priority know that the Octane Fitness elliptical trainer is the best possible low impact cardio workout you can get.