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I’m not one to gush much—especially about exercising—BUT, I purchased the new xR6ce seated elliptical from Octane Fitness a couple of months ago at the Chantilly Fitness Resource and I LOVE IT! Having had both knees replaced within the past five years, I can’t run. Even walking can sometimes be difficult—so a treadmill is out. I can do a bike (and we have a good one at home) but that can get boring. The xRide is perfect. Since I can sit, it gives me aerobic/cardio exercise without the strain on my knees and I’m not experiencing stress on my back either. The Leg Press and Chest Press settings add variety and upper body toning. Last night I experimented with the Muscle Endurance setting and because of the variety and timing I was intrigued the whole time I was working out. My half hour was over before I even knew it and I felt great when I was done! I’m 61, overweight, diabetic and have arthritis and other issues. This machine is the answer for anyone wanting to improve their health with low-impact cardio and fat-burning exercise, PLUS muscle usage and toning. It is worth every penny!