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I am a healthy 55 year old woman but last spring I fell on the cement and broke my kneecap in half. After emergency surgery and 3 months in a full leg brace, I was completely out of shape and had gained some unwanted pounds. At that time I started physiotherapy. It was slow going but eventually I started using the Octane elliptical at physio. It was hard work but did not impact my healing knee like the treadmill I had been using. After 4 months of physio I was given exercises for home and continued exercising. But I couldn’t go fast enough on my treadmill to work up a sweat without my knee hurting from the impact. So I bit the bullet yesterday and bought the Octane Q37 elliptical and just finished my second workout. I feel great. I worked up a good sweat, and when I got off I walked like I couldn’t after using the treadmill. Definitely the best exercise equipment for my circumstances and now I found out, it is what my daughters use at the gym. Thanks for helping me heal and get back into shape!