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Five years ago I sat down at a blood pressure tester at a local grocery store. I was 36 and thought I was invincible. I was 196 pounds and found I had borderline hypertension. As I like my life, I decided that I might want to stick around for a while. I decided to lose the pounds and get in shape. Over the next 5 years I did just that. I have lost 53 pounds and kept it off. I went from size 38-40 pants to size 29 pants. I never dieted because I always ate healthy food—just too much of it for my exercise level. My blood pressure is great and so is my heart rate. At 41, I am in the best shape of my life and I bet I could beat many of the 18 year-olds out there in a race.

In the beginning I had a Lifecycle, but then found the Octane elliptical trainer. Each day I leave my office and come home for an hour and a half of cardio exercise on the Octane. My workout is very vigorous and I maintain a heart rate of 150-165 during my workout. Maintaining this level of fitness and weight would not have been possible without the Octane elliptical trainer. In my profession the stress is high and workload is heavy. I see my fitness and health maintenance as a part of my ethical duty to my clients to represent them well. If your lawyer is not healthy then he is not thinking or working at the top of his game. Thus, I see taking time to care for myself as crucial to the effective practice of law.

I love the Octane and when I am out of town and use hotel equipment it is just not the same. The Octane has a perfect balance for posture during a long workout. It balances my efforts over my entire body and I will never give it up. The results I have achieved with the Octane have now encouraged me to participate in the President’s Challenge and to log my workout time each day. I am almost at my bronze award after one month of participation, and my activity places me in the 99th percentile of individuals nationwide participating in the program which shows how effective the Octane elliptical is.

I am grateful to Octane Fitness for this piece of hardy equipment. It makes working out enjoyable and it is easy to become a fanatic with it. I also owe thanks to Octane because as I have become more fit, my law practice has benefited from my energy, and so has my family. With a 2 year old son and a wife, I want to stay healthy for a long, long life. Although we cannot eliminate all health risks in life, staying active and protecting our fitness is something we control. The Octane elliptical is the best investment I have ever made—and it has never become a clothes rack.