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I had been a runner for about 30 years and eventually the roadwork and availability of time took its toll on me. I had relegated myself to only being able to run on weekends as I was too busy commuting to and from the office to run, plus my aching joints were beginning to be a problem. In November 2005 I decided to try and get back into shape. I looked at and tested various machines and was talked into splurging on the Q45e. In addition to beginning to exercise, I joined Weight Watchers and in 8 months of diet and exercise lost 55 pounds. I hit the machine religiously every night, even if only for 15 minutes. I’m back to a much more liberal diet, but the exercise continues to allow me to maintain the weight loss after another 8 months. I am an engineer so appreciate the solid quality and durability of the machine and have recommended it to friends and associates. I have used lesser machines when I travel, but they just don’t measure up. While the price tag was high, so is the cost of health care. I am pleased with the machine and hope to use it for many years. Thank you.