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My wife and I purchased an Octane Q47e this past January from G&G Fitness here in upstate NY. I’ve wanted to add an elliptical trainer to my home gym for quite a while. I had a personal training business in the 90’s, so quality, smoothness, and durability were always important features when selecting cardio machines such as a treadmill and stationary bike, as well as resistance training equipment (all of which are still keeping us healthy). After taking a ride on some of the other major competitors, we chose the Octane. Why? Quiet, club-like smoothness, a comparatively small footprint, and a wealth of electronic motivational tools to make exercise just plain fun.

To the point, when doing cardio on the treadmill or stationary bike during the long winter months here, after about 30 min I just plain got bored (kinda felt like a gerbil going nowhere fast). Exercising on the Octane, I found 30 min to fly by, mainly because of the ability to mix in a number of upper and lower body exercises. Finally, the SmartStride auto adjust stride length is a must; based on your HIP number it accurately adjusts stride length from a walking, to jogging, and finally a running stride. No more choppy striding as I have encountered in the past with other gym ellipticals. We’re looking forward to a healthy and long relationship with our Octane elliptical!