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I am 43 years old, reasonably fit, and have been using a competitor’s elliptical machine for several years at a local health club. I finally decided to build a home gym and purchased the Q47ce (after trying the competitor’s home version at the fitness store). All I can say is that this system is incredible—what a well built machine! I have degrees in both physics and engineering and one of the first things I did was to remove all the covers to study the internal workings of my new toy. All I can say is how impressed I was with the overall simplicity of the design/construction and overall quality of the components used. Additionally, my first few workouts on this machine have been nothing short of amazing! I can’t believe how nice it’s been to use so many different types of programs that target specific muscle groups. I look forward to many years of complete satisfaction with this system and highly recommend it! I’m so thankful I purchased this system versus the brand I’d been using in the past. Thanks Octane for putting together such a nice machine.