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I’ve had my Q47ce for just under a year now and simply couldn’t be happier. I use it between 4-6 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes (alternating between Arm Blaster, X-Mode, and others). I have lost more than 25lbs and have significantly increased both strength and endurance with this machine. In short, I absolutely love it and can’t stand when I travel and am forced to use other ellipticals (this machine really spoils you!)

As for customer service—it’s simply outstanding. I just got off the phone with a customer service rep regarding a minor issue and he got my info and is taking care of the problem—no further questions asked! If you’re thinking about getting an elliptical exerciser, you simply can’t do any better for yourself than to get one of these machines. The only real problem I’ve had since buying is that I only have one of them and since my wife loves using it as much as I do, we frequently end up competing for who gets to use it first! Thanks for building such an excellent, high quality machine Octane. I’m a customer for life!