For optimal performance, Octane Fitness recommends updating your console/DCI PVS to the latest firmware version.

To check if your console/DCI PVS already has the latest firmware installed, see:

If your console/DCI PVS has the latest firmware, no further action is needed.

If your console/DCI PVS firmware is out-of-date, update your console/DCI PVS using the following instructions:



Model Standard Firmware Smart Firmware
XT-One Download (256k) Download (1.3gb)
XR6000 Download (236k) Download (1.3gb)
XT3700 Download (236k) Download (1.3gb)
XT4700 Download (248k) Download (1.3gb)
Lateral X Download (246k) Download (1.3gb)
ZR8000/ZR7000 Download (286k) Download (1.3gb)
Octane RŌ Download (133k) n/a
PVS for North America Software Download (492k)
Tuner 1.32 Download (14.4mb)
Tuner 3.32 Download (14.5mb)


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